Helping Children and Youth Achieve Their Potential

Vision: All children and youth reach their fullest potential in a safe and nurturing environment

Goal: Increase the capacity of children to enter school healthy and ready to learn

Investment Strategies:
  1. Support high quality, evidence-based early care and education programs that have attained or are working toward accreditation (or a comparable standard of excellence), are using best practice curricula, and provide appropriate staff training.
  2. Promote early reading through parent/child literacy programs
  3. Educate parents to be advocates for and to participate in their child’s education, recognizing that they are their child’s first teacher and most important support system.
Goal: Improve opportunities for youth to stay and succeed in school, to become work-ready and to develop into mature adults with a future

Investment Strategies:
  1. Support academic/tutoring and mentoring programs for school age children.
  2. Support programming for young adults, age 18 to 24, to successfully transition from high school to the working world.

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