Food Donations Still Urgently Needed – Call 732 247-3727 to Help

“Some people don’t know what it’s like to be hungry” As we loaded the van with bags of food: cans of soup, rice, cartons of pasta, etc., the guy next to me tried to explain why some people don’t give. “I’ve been there,” he said, “and once you’ve been through it, you don’t forget.”

Some people say, “What about me? I need help, too”

So, they plead relative poverty. “Relative to how much I want, I claim to need more.” So they justify giving nothing.

But they aren’t hungry. They just want more. More to pay their mortgage, the school fees, the car lease, the property taxes, etc. etc. etc. It’s not discretionary; it’s just excessive.

If you are living beyond your means, does that justify refusing to help people who are hungry? No.

UWCJ would like to acknowledge all those who gave to help thousands of families thrown into chaos and desperation because of the worst recession since the 30’s.

They include the good people at ATT, Bristol Myers Squibb, Eaton, ecVision, JC Penney Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, Keefe Supply, Linwood Middles School, L’Oreal, LT Apparel, New Millennium Bank, North American Energy Alliance, LLC, Paychex, Plumrose USA, PTA James Monroe School Edison, Reynolds Kama, Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Target, University Health Plan Centene, UPS, Wachovia and Wells Fargo.

A special thanks to Mrs. Lee, who is Buddhist and from Burma now living in East Brunswick. Hearing about the need for food, she contacted her friends and family to provide many bags of food to help the poor living here in Middlesex County. She is an example for us all of the service we can perform to help our neighbors