Promoting Financial Stability and Independence

Vision: Reduction of poverty through increased economic opportunity, stability and self-sufficiency for all Middlesex County and Franklin Township in Somerset County residents.

Goal: Increase the capacity of lower income working families and individuals to move towards financial independence.

Investment Strategies:
  1. Support individuals through assisting in the development of activities of daily living as well as tenancy skills, budgeting and job readiness
  2. Support programs that address language barriers and illiteracy in the community and the workplace
  3. Support programming enabling individuals to take advantage of Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and health care options
  4. Support affordable and safe child care by providing greater quality and access
  5. Support vocational assessment programs as an initial step in identifying skill development and/or training programs that will result in employment at living wages
Goal: Increase the capacity of lower income families and individuals to build savings as well as gain and sustain assets.

Investment Strategy:
  1. Support financial literacy for all families and individuals including asset building, credit counseling, knowledge of budgeting, personal finance, home buyer classes, responsible tenancy, etc.
Goal: Increase the availability of permanent affordable housing.

Investment Strategies:
  1. Support transitional housing services to individuals and families
  2. Support the development of affordable housing opportunities for the working poor and homeless
  3. Increase the capacity of individuals and families to maintain housing though coordinated case management

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