One of the risks in disaster recovery funding is that recipients tap into many sources of support at the same time and receive funding from both non-profits and government funding sources.
It is typical for the government to deduct funds received from other sources from the total amount available from FEMA.

The volunteer management of UWCJ decided to adopt a “last dollar” policy. That is, to be the source for assistance once all government and other sources of support have been exhausted. In that way, funding for survivors can be maximized.

Examples of UWCJ funded support include:
  • Reimbursement for roof repair for a family in Perth Amboy
  • Funding for bunk beds and other furnishings
  • Security deposit and first month rent for a number of survivors forced to find accommodations
  • Funding for legal services provided to survivors facing eviction due to disputes with landlords or disputes with contractors performing rehabilitation.
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